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Why is it important?

Homespace recognizes the disparities faced by marginalized populations throughout our community and the United States. Within our community BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women & differently abled people are faced with social inequities including access to healthcare, education, food insecurity & lack of employment.
We understand that in order to create a genuinely equitable and inclusive environment for all people, it's necessary to identify and eliminiate any challenges that exist within our organization. Moving forward, Homespace is committed to providing a more diverse workplace, not only for our staff but for our clients. 


WHAT are we doing?

Recruitment - Advertising on more diverse platforms such as college boards, The Department of Labor, The United Way, and sites geared towards marginalized populations. 

Employee Engagement - Ensuring a safe space for all team members to speak up and be heard; allowing for the opportunity to propose new ideas and feel comfortable giving feedback to leadership while being included in the decision making process. 

Board of Directors - Change begins at the top. Homespace's Board of Directors is actively seeking members who represent our client population in an effort to avoid having a single-voice narrative at the oversight level.

Juneteenth - Homespace has made this a paid holiday for staff begining in 2022.

"Diversity drives innovation - when we limit who can contribute,

we in turn limit what problems we can solve"

- Telle Whitney


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