Press release: Homespace Corporation Receives Grant Dollars from The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation

Buffalo, NY, May 13, 2024:  


Homespace Corporation has received a grant award from The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation in the amount of $50,000 which is intended for support to Homespace’s behavioral health programs. Homespace Corporation offers residential services and support to at-risk youth in the foster care system ages 14-21, as well as their children if they have any, and is one of the only organizations in this area of its kind. Their slogan, “support at-risk youth to achieve independence two generations at a time.”

“With the support of The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation, Homespace is able to add a missing link in the structure of our behavioral health team, which can enable better mental health outcomes for children in foster care, the statistics for which are very low and is something we are passionate about improving.” said Executive Director, Lindsey Carter.


Homespace Corporation has been providing services to Children and Families since 1994. More information on Homespace can be found here: