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Our Team

Leadership Team

Lindsey Carter, Executive Director 

Kim Berghash, Director of Program Operations

Katy Cooper, Director of Services

Julie Cornell, Administrative/HR Director

Samantha White, Compliance & Quality Assurance Officer

Barbara Stoehr, Facilities Supervisor

Elizabeth Bocchino, Residential Clinical Supervisor

Brenda Pryor, SILP Clinical Supervisor

Ainslie Evans, Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor

Program, Services & Support

HaRonda Morrison, Assistant Residential Supervisor

Rodnisha Bellamy, Assistant Residential Supervisor

Tonya  Hairston, LPN

Adija AlmondBehavioral Health Counselor

David McCalister, Case Planner

Audrey Ricotta, Case Planner

Nadine Goodwin, Case Planner

Cadince Lynn, Residential Case Coordinator

Atarah Dickinson, Residential Case Coordinator

Alexandra Kraft, YPREP Trainer

Stephanie Codd, Development Coordinator

Allie Martin, Training Specialist

Nicole Thelen, Financial Administrator

Kim Neupert, Financial Administrator

Chelsea Gabamonte, Administrative Assistant

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