January 8, 2020
Buffalo, NY


Homespace Receives Support for Health Initiative

Homespace Corporation Executive Director, Kim Morris, announced significant backing of the agency’s on-campus health and wellness services initiative a response to New York State’s Medicaid and Behavioral Health System Transformation which requires all foster care agencies like Buffalo’s Homespace to provide limited health care services.

To ramp-up infrastructure and the organization’s ability to maintain quality care, the agency launched the “Promoting Health & Wellness” initiative. Last month, The Children’s Guild Foundation awarded a $10,000 grant in support of the effort and the vulnerable children of Homespace.

Awards in support of the agency’s growing health and wellness work include a $27,000 grant from The Garman Family Foundation, $15,000 from The Marks Family Foundation, $4,000 from Josephine Goodyear Foundation, and $1,000 from Sisters of Mercy. To date, private foundation support of the initiative has reached $57,000.

Health care offerings emphasize mental and behavioral health with trauma-informed care throughout all programs. In the future, the agency will add traditional services to address physical health. “Today, our priority is behavioral health, trauma-related conditions, learning disabilities, and health education.” Kim Morris said, “We are expanding clinical staffing levels, facilities, and equipment.”

For over 25 years, the Buffalo-based nonprofit has provided shelter, programs, and services for children displaced from the foster care system -- principally teen girls with dependent children from newborn to six years old. Long-standing programs help two generations at a time with training to develop social skills, independent living skills, educational achievement, and community integration. In 2019, the agency added on-campus behavioral health/mental health care where staff employs trauma-informed care principles across the entire service delivery system. Homespace provides care, that is:

• evidence-based;

• child-centered and individualized;

• family focused;

• easily accessible;

• collaborative across all Homespace programs and services, and

• collaborative across the foster care and health care system.

Homespace Corporation is a not-for-profit 501 c3 human services agency. Donations designated to Homespace Promoting Health & Wellness support health facility improvements, supplies, health records systems, and costs associated with recruitment, training, and retention of professional clinical staff.