Homespace Corporation Receives Major Grant from The Children’s Guild Foundation

Buffalo, NY, June 8, 2023:  

Homespace Corporation has been awarded $20,000.00 of financial support from The Children’s Guild Foundation for its Health and Wellness 2.0 Project. Homespace Corporation supports youth in the foster care system between the ages of 14-21 to achieve independence, self-sufficiency and a sense of security, many of whom are pregnant or parenting themselves. Homespace works to change two generations at a time.

This financial support from The Children’s Guild Foundation has the intended use of furthering the health and wellness outcomes of youth in foster care, whose general health outcome statistics are quite low and are considered an underserved population. With the use of these funds, Homespace has been able to successfully onboard a new psychiatric nurse practitioner to treat and prescribe medication to youth in-house. This is a brand-new position for the agency. This program is made possible through a grant by The Children’s Guild Foundation.

“These monies will change the future health outcomes of many children in our care. We are very grateful to be partnering with The Children’s Guild Foundation on this program.” Said Michael Hill, Executive Director of Homespace Corporation.

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Homespace Corporation offers residential services and support to at-risk youth in foster care in Buffalo, NY. Homespace Corporation has been providing services to Children and Families since 1994.